When We Regret A Parenting Decision

When we make decisions as parents, we are trying to make the best decision for our kids and our family based on the information that we have.  Sometimes we just miss the mark and regret our decision.  This happened to me in a big way when my son needed a crown on his baby molar after chipping a big chunk off.

There is a bigger story about his bad experiences with a dentist that have caused him to now be afraid, but we will skip that part for today.  This decision comes in making what may seem like an easy decision only to completely regret it later.  It was the answer to the question: would you like a silver or white crown?  Easy decision, right?

The Choices

The silver crown is the strongest and the least expensive. Basically there are less problems with it, but it doesn’t look as good.  The white porcelain looks great, but it is not as strong, more expensive and has a tendency to chip.

The Decision

With my son’s past experiences at the dentist, I wanted to give him a chance to speak into what would be in his mouth, so I gave him a choice. Although my gut instinct said choose white, he chose super hero silver.  All should be great, right?

The Regret

IMG_03061When we got home he smiled, and I cried.  I had not thought about how much he smiles with his mouth wide open! This silver crown would now be loudly visible every time he opens his mouth, all because of my poor decision and not following my gut instinct.  He didn’t even like it in his mouth once he began looking at it.

Causing my children pain or possible embarrassment is not what I want to do as a mom, and I’m sure that you can understand what I’m talking about.  A few weeks after the first procedure, we replaced the silver crown with a white crown.  He is happy.  I am happy.  I cannot tell you how many times I have smacked my head over this one, but thankfully all has turned out well.

Just another story to remind us all that we are not alone in this journey. 

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I became a first-time mommy at 37. The timing for starting our family landed us in the middle of becoming a co-caregiver for my mom and at a high point in my career. Our adventure continues as we navigate through this amazing and crazy journey we call life.

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