Taking A Five Year Old To A Concert

My son is five years old, and he loves music. Being the type of parent that wants to give him opportunities to have amazing experiences, I decided to take him to see one of his favorite groups, Hillsong United. The fact that he is five didn’t matter to me until about a week before the concert when several people made comments that made me wonder if I was doing the right thing. My little guy is not known for being quiet or patient, so I did begin to worry about it.

Just a few days before the concert, I began talking to him about it, and his response was, “but I want to see ‘Fix My Eyes’”. This meant that he wanted to see For King And Country, another Christian artist. This was one problem that I did not see coming. I mean seriously, he had been asking to watch “Oceans” on YouTube for months, and I just knew that this was going to be so amazing!  On top of wanting to see a different group, he kept telling me that he didn’t want to hear any sad songs. How would I know what he thought was a sad song?  People may cry, but maybe not because of sadness.  Their tears could be from deep gratitude or love.  I did spend time explaining this to him, but he was sure that he did not want to hear sad songs.
Let me say that this was no cheap undertaking. We had tickets for the show in a city about two hours away from where we live, and I know my limitations when it comes to driving. I do not do well when I’m tired, so we needed a hotel room.  You see where I’m going with this, don’t you?  I almost decided not to take him.  Even though I had prayed that this would be an amazing experience for him, I almost let my fears win over my faith.
Then on the day of the concert this became the ultimate mommy and son date.  He was a little gentleman.  It had started to rain, and he became very concerned that we did not have an umbrella.  I stopped at a store and purchased a small, cheap umbrella.  Little did I know that he wanted to hold it for me as we walked from the car to the door.  Of course, he is five and after a while, the intrigue of what it could do began to win, but his intentions were so good. Ha! However, all I kept coming back to the idea that he would love this.  I mean this is actually the second Hillsong concert that he has heard.  He was with me at a Hillsong concert about six years ago, while I was pregnant with him.
Once we got to our seats, he began asking about his song, “Oceans”! I was a proud mom.  He only asked twice about “Fix My Eyes”, but knowing my little boy the way that I do, this was a great accomplishment for him.  Lauren Daigle opened for Hillsong United, and as the lights changed with the music for the first time, building into the chorus, his eyes got so wide and a huge smile covered his face!! He was not as familiar with her music, but his excitement was as if he had loved her music forever.
Once Hillsong United took the stage, he was completely engaged.  The music, lights, and more important, true worship was something that I hope he will never forget. During the concert, he asked questions about Jesus and why He died, and he listened intently when Joel Houston led the audience in the prayer for salvation. I know that he is processing what Jesus did for us and what that means to him.
Five year old's first Hillsong concert
First concert at five years old
He had to wait until almost the end of the concert for his song. There were a few times that he asked when they would sing it, but that made it all the more special.  I’m so glad that I did not listen to my fears that he would be bored or difficult to handle.  I was worried too that he would not be able to see, but never underestimate the thoughtfulness of others.  A very tall man was sitting directly in front of him, but I noticed near the end of the concert that he had never stood up.  I wish I could have thanked him, but he and his wife left just before the end.
Only you know your child, so I would never make a blanket statement that all children should be given the opportunity to go to a concert at a young age.  However, it worked out for us.  He has a love for music that I hope to be able to help him build through learning how to play instruments and singing. Time will tell just how much this concert has impacted him. It is my prayer that his love for music will be used to worship God.

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