Slow Down, You’re Growing Up Too Fast

For almost two years, I was a part of an exclusive club.  I was in the Scuba Squad.  My son made up this club, and I was the only one allowed to be in the club for a long time.  My husband was not allowed because he was a boy.  There were many times that he would ask if he could be in the Scuba Squad, only to be denied access.

Keep in mind that my son was 3 and 4 years old during this time.  I have no idea what being a part of this club really meant, but I can tell you that I have been so sad over the last few months as I am now no longer allowed in the Scuba Squad.  I have been replaced by his two year old little sister.   Maybe I am too old now.  Maybe she is more fun and will play more often.

When we became parents, I had no idea how much these little signs of growing up would affect me.  I am sad over not being included in the imaginary club of a four year old.  Crazy, I know, but my mind is looking ahead.  He is growing so fast.  Before long the hugs and kisses that he lavishes on me so easily will become taboo.  It is inevitable that there will be a time that he will begin to need his dad more.  I welcome this for him, don’t get me wrong, but I am reminded of just how fast this is happening.

Take the time to soak in as much of your kids as you can while they are young.  Maybe it is because I am not a young mommy, I can see the time slip away so quickly.  You cannot get these moments back, so when you have a little one that is pulling on you, wanting to show you that book for the thousandth time, stop for a moment and look in that little one’s eyes and take a heart picture.  You will never regret it.

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I became a first-time mommy at 37. The timing for starting our family landed us in the middle of becoming a co-caregiver for my mom and at a high point in my career. Our adventure continues as we navigate through this amazing and crazy journey we call life.

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