Just A Mom With Thinning Hair

It’s one thing when a man begins losing his hair.  It is another thing entirely when a woman has to deal with it.

There is no distinguished look that can be given to a woman with thinning hair.  It is not endearing or beautiful.  (I’m just being real.)  Being a woman with thinning hair can be depressing at times, but I think it’s important for those of us that go through this to know that we are not alone.

Let me say that I am not talking about the kind of hair loss that comes from chemotherapy or some other kind of illness.  I see hair loss in that way more as an outward display of courage in the middle of that situation.

I don’t have a miracle drug or technique for you.  At this point the only thing that I can say is really working for me are the products that you shake onto your scalp to make your hair appear thicker.  I have opted not to use products like Rogaine for Women for now, but I may change my mind as the years go by.  For now, my kids make their way into our bed enough at night to have concern about them laying on my pillow after applying the Rogaine.

One of the things that bothered me the most was wondering if my children would be ashamed of me.  I know that they are too young to care about it now, but how will they react around their friends when they become teenagers, if my hair continues to thin?

Thinning hair
Finding joy in every moment

Having thin hair is something that I have cried about, been jealous for and dreamed of having again.  I have not been beyond praying specifically for new growth.  I still believe that God can give me more beautiful hair than ever before.  Until then, I am will empathize with every woman that is going through the same thing, and when God gives me new hair, I will give Him the glory for it all.

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I became a first-time mommy at 37. The timing for starting our family landed us in the middle of becoming a co-caregiver for my mom and at a high point in my career. Our adventure continues as we navigate through this amazing and crazy journey we call life.

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