Homeschooling Preschool: Relax & Learn

I hope that something I say will help you to give you permission to relax and enjoy the toddler years.  I wish that I had been a little easier on myself while thinking about the homeschooling process.

 My son is four years old, and I have spent more time worrying about all of the “what-ifs” than just enjoying my toddler.  I have tried to make decisions about things that haven’t happened yet.  More importantly, these are things that are far in the future or may never even happen. For example: Should I work while we homeschool?  What should we do for advanced math?  (I hate math.).

 Here is what I have observed.  My little guy is learning from enjoying life.  We have used an online learning site called, and I have watched him learn his ABCs, numbers and simple words during our times of purposeful learning.  He is learning about the solar system through books from the library and National Geographic.  He has learned about the fire department by going to a fire station for his fourth birthday and watching fire trucks and fire fighters videos for children on YouTube.  He has been learning to write letters and specifically, his name through making tracing pages online.

Even as I have been writing this, I have still been having that battle of should I be challenging him more.  His birthday falls at the end of November, so our school district would not allow him to start kindergarten this year anyway.  No doubt, I am over analyzing this.

 Learning should be fun.  This is what you and I both need to remember.  If learning is fun, then our kids will have a love of learning.  This is the most important part of the early years.

So relax (I’m listening to this too.).  If we forget to have fun, we are leaving out a very important part of the learning process.  We cannot be fun if we are overly stressed about it all, and these are the years that we will build the foundation of learning.  We can do this!

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I became a first-time mommy at 37. The timing for starting our family landed us in the middle of becoming a co-caregiver for my mom and at a high point in my career. Our adventure continues as we navigate through this amazing and crazy journey we call life.

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