Who knew that I would begin living when I turned thirty?  It is true.  I met and married the man of my dreams at 33, and our love for each other convinced me to change my mind about children.  At 37, our first child, Joshua, was born, and he has stolen my heart.

My husband, Olman “Ollie” and I, find ourselves staring at him and even crying tears of joy sometimes.  He had always wanted children, but a previous bad marriage that I had built a wall for me, keeping the subject of children far from a reality.  I can’t put my finger on the moment that I changed my mind, but I am so glad that I did.

Mommy At Midlife is meant to be an encouragement to first-time moms over thirty.  It seems that it is easy to find information about all of the negative things associated with being an older mom, but it is difficult to find the encouragement that we need.  I will tell you about my failures and triumphs; my love and laughter.  I will test and report on products and services, and as my husband and I travel with Joshua, I will post tips and tricks for traveling with children.

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